5 small diet changes for a healthier life – so small you’ll barely notice

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We’re all looking for new ways to be healthier. Some of us are popping pills, some of us are bingeing on healthy cooking and diet videos on YouTube, and some of us are working out at home. It’s good to see the urge, but are we missing out somewhere on the simplest of things that we can do to bring a positive change in the long run?
Health experts have always advised us to start small instead of suddenly taking a big leap. It’s like exercising a little bit everyday, instead of exercising for two hours on a single day and fizzing out. You know which one works better.
Read on to know 5 simple, small changes that you can incorporate in your diet that can work wonders. Honestly, they’re so small you’d probably not even notice them – until they start yielding the results you were always looking for.

Drink half a litre of water more than you usually do
Water is the best detox that our body can have. Plus, it prevents unnecessary snacking. Drinking a proper amount of water helps to keep energy levels peaking and prevents dehydration.
Many studies ask people to drink a gallon of water a day. That’s almost 4 litres. We know chugging in 4 litres of water in a day is tough, especially if you’re used to drinking only 2 or 2.5 litres. Clocking in just half a litre more is much easier. You get the extra water you need, and your kidneys won’t be complaining that you suddenly started overworking them!

Every time you crave for something sweet, try having a fruit. At least most of the time.
If you start rummaging in the refrigerator for a sugar-loaded dessert every couple of hours, your body will thank you for this. Desserts are meant to be sweet and it’s often very difficult to make them without all the processed sugar and fat. Nature has a solution – fruits! It’s easy to get seasonal fruits at very affordable prices, and they’re much healthier than store-bought desserts anyway. You also get extra fibre, vitamins and minerals, and much lesser carbs in the deal.
Well, don’t force yourself to give up store-bought desserts altogether either – although they’re unhealthy, it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while. Only once in a while.

Try eating yogurt.
Yogurt is a really healthy food as it contains probiotics that help you maintain healthy gut bacteria levels. It is also quite filling, has a high amount of protein, and promotes healthy weight levels. It is also quite tasty, and cold yogurt is a heavenly snack when combined with fresh fruits. Trust us on this one, such lovely combinations are very rare.
If you’re mildly lactose intolerant you can have yogurt too. Otherwise you can try vegan alternatives as well. They’re equally good. If you make the yogurt at home, it’s the healthiest variety. Otherwise, be sure to buy a pack that says “Live or Active Culture” to ensure that you do get the probiotics in your system.

Don’t run towards the refrigerator when you’re having a breakdown.
We all have our weak moments when we need a bowl of fries or a large pizza while we cry to a rom-com or when we are angry and just need that bit of comfort food to calm down. If that describes you, you are not alone. We often seek the rush of relief that food provides to get rid of the misery.
The thing is, it can be overcome by other methods as well. A slew of activities
can be easily taken up to make yourself feel better. It differs, of course. For some people it’s hitting the gym. For some it’s going for a run, or dancing. For some, it’s painting. There is often a creative pursuit that can take you away from the pain. This has a threefold benefit. First, it prevents you from bingeing on unhealthy food. Second, you have something creative to add to your skills now. Third, and most important, you are out of your misery.

Have breakfast.
Oh yes, I’m asking you to eat more and no, I’m not joking. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and missing out on breakfast robs you of a lot of energy that could have been yours through the day.
Having breakfast will wake you up in the morning so you feel less groggy. Starving yourself will just make you eat much more during the later meals of the day, which in the end adds up to no significant nutritive value or gain, as it causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Hence, eat breakfast, stay healthier.

We hope that these 5 tips will help you lead a healthier life. Since they are very small changes, they are easy to adopt, and will save you a lot of trips to the doctor or dietitian later. Which of these methods are you going to adopt?

Health food concept
Health food concept

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