About Us

Yogacation India Private Limited is a  start-up company incorporated in September 2019 to promote yoga and wellness across the globe. It works with reputed Yoga institutes, wellness centers, Yoga trainers to motivate individuals to adopt yoga lifestyle for the benefit of mind, body and soul. It strives to accelerate awareness and opportunities for yoga education and training with an emphasis on quality, safety, and trust. Among the prime objectives of the company is to bring a career in yoga into the mainstream and work towards women empowerment by increasing earning opportunities. Yogacation promotes tourism based on yoga and wellness so that vacation can be better utilized for health and wellness while enjoying oneness with nature. We believe in building the foundation of a medicine-free life for the present and the next generation. 

Our Mission

Be the preferred partner to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Our Vision

Committed to promote Yoga and wellness through partner yoga institutes, wellness centres and gurus

Our Values

Trust , Safety, Quality, Ethics, Service

Discover Our Partners & Events

Yoga Instructors

Yoga should be learnt and practised under the guidance of Yoga Instructors unless you learnt it properly. There are so many things to learn in Yoga, it is always better to learn it from qualified yoga teachers from time to time. Yogacation is working as a platform to connect Yoga teachers/ instructors with the public who wish to lead a good and healthy lifestyle.

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Yoga Institutes

Yoga can’t be taught by anyone. It is always better to learn yoga from the reputed yoga institutes only. It is like farming. The quality of seed and its care after sowing can only give rise to a good crop.
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The concept of holistic get-aways is not a new concept but every time, it gives a new experience and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. Yogacation is trying to bring wellness based retreats to one platform where you can join any holistic experience according to your choice.

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You can find standard events posted by yoga institutes, yoga instructors, wellness instructors, wellness retreat in event section. You can even send queries to us for customized events for which Yogacation will talk with their partners to arrange customized events at best effort basis.

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