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Yoga Instructors

All of our yoga instructors are well-trained, and experienced. They will be your guide in using yoga as a tool for being at your prime at all times.

Yoga Institutes

Yoga institutes are places where yoga is taught, and practice sessions are held for the same. Our list of yoga institutes has some of the best known institutes around India.


Sometimes, all we need is a few days of being in a peaceful place to reconnect with ourselves and get rid of stress. Our getaways are a hand-picked selection of serene

Wellness Instructors

Wellness instructors assess both your physical and mental ailments to suggest the most holistic method of rejuvenation. Our wellness instructors are both erudite and experienced.

Our Partners

We are consistently looking for new ways to be more helpful and connect with everyone who needs us. Our partners contribute a lot to the process in many different ways and we are immensely thankful to them. Click to see a list of our partners.

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