Yogacation Partnership Agreement

This is a partnership agreement between Yogacation India Private Limited, hereby known as Yogacation, and partner yoga teachers/ wellness experts/ wellness retreats/  institutions engaged in promoting wellness for classes, paid workshops, consultancy, corporate programs and paid public workshops in India and abroad. Below are the terms and conditions for the partnership.

Terms and Conditions:

Scope of work:

Yoga Teachers/ wellness instructors/ wellness institutions/wellness retreats

  1. Yoga teachers, wellness instructors, wellness institutions, wellness retreats provide yoga and wellness related classes (known as events) , practices, blogs, experiences, consultancy services or any other services related with yoga and wellness.
  2. It is up to the partners to provide free or paid services. Only paid services will be featured in event section and will be enabled for booking mechanism through Yogacation.
  3. In case of blogs written by partners, it is their responsibility to write and upload original blogs only in the blog page. For any legal case or claim arising due to charges of plagiarism, wrong information, offensive contents etc, Yogacation will not be held responsible in any way.


  1. Yogacation will provide its platform to partner to register and create their profile, post their free as well as paid events, upload their blogs and V-blogs or any activity related with promotion of yoga and wellness.
  2. Yogacation will do the digital marketing, on best effort basis, of paid events posted by partners on the website of Yogacation. The booking and payment mechanism will be provided by Yogacation through its website. Yogacation cannot guarantee the volume of busines and will not be held responsible and liable for bringing a minimum business.
  3. Yogacation will collect payments made by the clients who have booked the events through the booking and payment mechanism of the website. Yogacation will pay the consolidated amount by the end of the first week of next month. If booking for any event had been done well in advance, then the payment to the partner will be done by the end of the next month after the finish of that event. This is to protect the interest of the user of Yogacation in case of cancellation of the event by the partner.

Joint events

  1. The partners and Yogacation may arrange events jointly by discussing the entire event in detail. The revenue sharing will be based on work assigned after mutual written consent after the discussion.
  2. To promote yoga and wellness, Yogacation may approach different schools/ colleges/ social organizations. Such meetings/ events will be organized by Yogacation jointly with partners. Such meetings/ events will be free events.


  1. The partnership is not exclusive partnership on either of the parties. Yogacation will be free to have partnership with any individual/ institutes/ institutions for promotion of yoga and wellness and other parties will be also free to enter into agreement with any other digital platform.
  2. There will be no membership fees for the partnership. Partners will be featured in the respective page without any discrimination. However, due to digital nature of platform, the partners featuring their events on Yogacation will have more visibility. Yogacation will not be held responsible for any lack or absence of your visibility on the website.
  3. The partnership does not mean that partners will have shareholding in any form in Yogacation. However, they will be free to subscribe to shares whenever Yogacation will offer shares to them. Any partner, other than reputed yoga institutions, can’t hold more that 5% of total shareholding.
  4. The partners will create and post events by uploading their fliers/sale-pitch/brochures on the website of Yogacation. They will also put the relevant tags to attract the targeted audience.

Revenue Sharing

  1. The partners will be free to price their paid events. Yogacation will deduct 20% of the booking revenue earned by the event posted and booked through their website. The commission deducted by Yogacation will be inclusive of GST for the services provided by Yogacation. Yogacation will not charge any commission on booking done by the clients independently and directly with the partner.
  2. Partners will not post higher price for events on Yogacation website compared to the price for the same event on their website or other digital platforms or any other way. Further partners will not post their contact details on fliers or promotional materials posted on Yogacation website.
  3. The partners will not have any claim on revenue generation by Yogacation on account of exclusive activities of Yogacation. For example: Revenue from advertisements, donations from corporates, sales of books on which Yogacation have copyright etc.
  4. All money transactions by clients through Yogacation website should be done only with the Yogacation bank account. The Partner will not take any money directly from the clients who have come through Yogacation website.
  5. The partner should not solicit any clients acquired through Yogacation website and persuade them to became their direct clients. In case of such violation of agreement , Yogacation will have the right to disable/ delete the profile of the partner and blacklist for any future events through Yogacation.
  6. Any conflict with clients or potential clients should be mutually discussed and closed by the partner.
  7. Any partner desirous of promoting event posted by any other partners may contact Yogacation team and can do the marketing promotion after having written consent of Yogacation. Such partner will be known as promotion partners. Yogacation will pay such promotion partners 20% of commission earned by Yogacation on bookings brought by such promotion partners. The promotion partners must have large number of genuine followers on social media.
  8. For any new paid program launched in the market, partner can reach out to Yogacation team if there are any queries. Yogacation will try to arrange such programs jointly with partner or try to develop such features on best effort basis to enable partners to host such program independently through Yogacation website.

Other terms and conditions

  1. The Partner should not use Yogacation brand for his/her personal benefit.
  2. After signing the agreement, the partner can register themselves as partner and start using Yogacation Website and its features.
  3. The Partner would not be using any of the Yogacation leads for any personal benefit. The partners will not divulge any programs and features whichever come up during discussion to any other party or digital platform.
  4. Any operational issues/escalations during the whole engagement should be reported immediately to support team of Yogacation.
  5. Any new initiatives or features launched or to be launched will be intimated to partners so that they can be also partner in promoting yoga and wellness.
  6. At any point of time, a partner can post maximum 10 events on Yogacation digital platform.
  7. Yogacation will try to involve corporates/ institutions to promote yoga and wellness to their employees as well as clients. Yogacation will enter into agreement with such parties. Yogacation will provide them yoga and wellness teachers from the pool of its partner yoga institutes and yoga teachers/ wellness instructors.
  8. Minimum Commitment: There will be no minimum commitment on either parties, Yogacation and partner.
  9. Engagement model: Once you are onboarded as a Partner, Yogacation will arrange 2 orientation sessions with you so that you can get started. Other than this, Yogacation is not entitled for any other hand holding.
  10. For any cancellations or postponement for the programs, Yogacation must be informed at least 15 days before. Even while posting your events, partner must write if there is any possibility of cancellation of events so that outstation clients may be aware of that risk. Any claim on account of such cancellation will not have any liability on Yogacation. If there are any last-minute changes due to emergencies and natural disasters, Yogacation team must be informed immediately by the partner so that clients can be advised immediately. Frequent cancellation of any event by any partner will amount to violation of the contract and action will be taken accordingly.
  11. As Yogacation is trying its best to guarantee the quality of partners. The certificate and testimonial provided by the partners will be verified by Yogacation and it will be decided by Yogacation to admit any such persons/ institutions as partners. The decision taken by Yogacation in this regard will be final.
  12. There would be no say from Yogacation in terms of changing the content, facilitators, venue, mode of training unless Yogacation is also partner in that event.
  13. The partner would maintain integrity and would not indulge in any activity which undermines Yogacation’s brand image. Yogacation has the discretion to cancel the agreement in such instances.
  14. In case of any update/ change in terms and conditions, Yogacation will inform the partners by email to seek their consent on the change.