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Are We Leading ?

$5.79 (USD)

A book on leadership by a renowned leadership and mindfulness coach

Additional information

Mr. Kaushik Mahapatra is a well-known leadership and mindfulness coach. A veteran of corporate world is founder and CEO of Indian Leadership Academy. It is a well-known fact as well as told by many spiritual gurus that leadership starts with self and mindfulness is also a journey to finding who I am. Mr. Mahapatra combined mindfulness with leadership and this book contains real pearls of wisdom which must be read by everyone. God has created every creation as a leader, but it is up to us to find the leader within self and evolve as a leader which is required in every sphere of our day to day life. This book certainly helps us in taking our potential to the desired path. His way of writing is very simple and supported by stories and real-life examples which helps us to connect with our own experiences.